How To Know Your Customer: Find out what your Krazy Kustomers are thinking

How To Know Your Customer

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So couple easy strategies about How To Know Your Customer better–

Hey Nick Here from Marketing Ninjas
So today we’re going to go over four killer ways to find out what the hell your crazy
customers, yes thats with a K, are thinking. It’s really tough sometimes to figure
out why a customer buys and why they don’t.

How To Know Your Customer Tactic #1 – ASK

First thing- Ask. Yeah i know it seems kind of a shit answer for it. But you’d be surprised if you ask a specific question how often customers are going to respond to you and how insightful it’s going to be.

If you haven’t email list when you send out emails add a ps to the end of the email.
Really really simple. People will answer you, and they like it. It’s engaging them. It keeps you top of mind. The simplest one to do, right, is if you follow up and you should be with customers after a purchase.

Find an email, you can you dedicate the whole email to it or just add the PS to it.

And ask them how was the service?Did you like it? Did we deliver on time?
Were we friendly?How was your experience?I promise you you will get answers.

How To Know Your Customer Tactic #2- Use open Form Fields

Use open form fields. So what do I mean?
If you’re a on your checkout page if you sell something ask a question.
What made you buy? How did you find us?And my favorite, if you could change one thing about the site what would it be?

Do not use drop down fields.
Let them check out, you don’t want to it to be an impediment to them buying from you.
But this can also give you great insight into what your customers are thinking.

[font family=”Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif” size=”26″ color=”455560″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]How To Know Your Customer Tactic #3- Survey Em[/font]

Survey Em
So I’ve done this and it’s awesome. It’s kind of the same deal as asking in an email. But this is a little slicker and you get to keep your customers answers in one place. So you kinda get to see what they’ve said to you And you can do it with google docs.

Embed the form on your site and then not only can customers on your site go to the form because should put a link to it, probably depends on the form, obviously.
Or just email it out to our customers. Email your list, say listen you know i want to make things better for you and you have to be sincere about it, but say I want make things better… Yes you want to sell more, but how do you sell more? Ya improve your relationship with your customers.

So that’s what we’re doing which is creating that relationship and fostering
it. So ask them what you want to know and how things can be better for them.

How To Know Your Customer Tactic #3- Survey Em

Lastly, let them search.
And this has been, I can’t tell you how helpful. Here’s where customers are probably the
most honest with you that they’re ever going to be. Add a search bar.
And not too hard to do. Google will let you put a search bar on your site.
uh… you just have to make sure that in your analytics that you go and you’re tracking site search. So if that’s a little complicated I may be doing a little tutorial on that.

But yeah so put a site search on there. They’re gonna tell you what they want to know and what they want to see on your site. You can also getting new content ideas or new product ideas.

How To Know Your Customer…

What are your customers thinking? 00:00:40
Strategy #1 – Ask 00:01:13
Strategy #2 – Use Open Form Fields 00:03:11
Stragegy #3 – Survey Em 00:04:21
Stategy #4 – Let Em Search 00:06:05
Drop that knowledge- 00:08:02

Now go out there and and find out how to know your customer!

Wanna make your customers raving fans?


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