Dare to fail. Dare To Connect.

Can you say that you’ve really taken a risk lately?
I’m not talking about a stupid risk ala betting it all on red.

No I mean stepping outside your comfort zone.  Doing something that mattered.
Sharing something deeply personal?

I know the answer for me has been NO.  I haven’t.

The reasons (read excuses) vary.

The thing is- there’s no good reason.

Failure should be embraced.  Learned from.
Not feared.

So as of this moment I pledge to fail more.
Now ask yourself…. have you failed recently?

If not, i challenge you to fail with me.

My challenge to you is one of personal connection.  When we put ourselves out there.
When we are authentic.  And dare to do something that is “stupid” or could be seen as “dumb”.

That’s when we push the envelope.   And when we risk having success.

I will fail.  I will connect with you.
Success is an inevitable by product.

My “dumb” idea for the day.
Give it away.  I’ll be giving away  95% of my best ideas.


I assure you it’s selfish.
I need to connect.  I need to help you.  I need to make a difference.

How will you connect with your customers?  How will you make a difference?  How will you help?


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