Do you date your customers?

If you don’t you should.

Lets look at the customer relationship a bit differently…
Imagine your customer is the girl you’re casually dating.

You’ve already gotten the first date – they’ve already bought something from you.
Doesn’t really matter what size purchase it was – getting the first purchase is a-

Its a big WIN.

It’s the start of something possibly great for you and them.
Your’re excited and so is your customer.

There are a couple possibilites right…

  • The first date goes really well
    • You delight your date.  You both feel the connection and want more
  • It’s ok – somewhere in the middle.  
    • Not bad, but no real spark. 
  • It sucks. 
    • Total misfire.  At some point you or your product didn’t deliver on a promise.
    • You’ve just pissed off your customer

In any of these scenarios there is most 0f the time the possiblity to create a relationship with your customer – your date.

Recently I got an email from a company that i had ordered from 5ish months ago.
Not gonna name the company.  Really doesn’t matter.

I really liked their product.  Still do.

But 5 months ago i made a purchase –
got a quick couple standard receipt and shipping emails.
But that was it.

Got the product ups – started using it.
Forgot about the company.

And they forgot about me.  Dropped me like a hotcake.

5 months later got an email.  Randomly.  With a coupon.
Hmm… let me think.  Should I buy?
Ummm… I think you know the answer.

Here’s the email i shot back:

[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

Ed your email kinda suck.

Took a look back and I got 3 emails –

1. receipt

2. Tell a friend

3. road id has shipped

Btw – last email before this one was on 7/3/12
Then i get an email today. 2/5/12

A random coupon.
Thanking me for shopping uh 7ish months ago?

Not to mention that there were problems with your first email sequence.

Thing is – you have an awesome product.
I wear it every time I go for a ride.


And I would recommend you to friends. Though I haven’t.

I can tell you that i bought because I saw a bunch of commercials during the tour de france.
Then when i started riding more I thought of you.
Bought one for my girlfriend and for myself.

You guys did an awesome job with the commercials.
Your emails fall far short.

Now, you could ignore what i’m saying – but that would be a mistake.

Maybe you have updated your sales funnel. And post sales followup…
But if you haven’t – then we have something to talk about.

Your goal should be to connect. I already said yes to you –
to your product. Then you messed it up with a shitty followup sequence.

You can’t create a really connection with people if you just email out of the blue.
Relationships are work.

Luckily you can let an autoresponder take care of the heavy lifting.
Still you have to put in the time to write the emails.

You may be wondring why I would take the time to write this email to you…
Well, i can assure you it’s not unselfish.

I love your product. I think it’s a shame that your followup sucks.
And I can help. For a price.

If you’re interested – just shoot me an email back and we can talk.



Always use a compelling P.S.
to condition people to read to the end of your emails.

What type of P.S’s work best?
Well that’s a discussion for our next email…


Now keep in mind that good ol’ Ed used his “personal” email as the sender email address.
We both know that he uses an autoresponder.  Its a necessity.

If someone takes the time to reply to YOUR autoresponder email message –
that comes from YOUR email address.
You’d better be prepared to respond.

It’s part of the relationship.
No personal time = no more dates.

You think if after 3 dates you don’t call that girl for 5 months
Oh shoot… what’s her name again?

And ask for another date – a chip fling.  That she’s going to go for it?

Then say she does call you back for some unknown reason.
And you don’t even personally answer-
It’s as if you have your personal secretary call her back and try to fit her in to your schedule.

Offensive much?

So yes Ed, big boy…
You’re an example now for the rest of us.
A glimmering example of WHAT NOT TO DO.

Talk soon,
Nick “Treat your customers right” Julia


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