How To Make A Facebook Ad – That Rocks!

This post is going to be short and sweet.
We’ll take you through –

How to make a facebook ad that will get clicks!


  • Create a Killer Headline
  • Attention GRABBING photo
  • How not to screw yourself with your ad copy
  • Where to send ad traffic so it converts


Before we start, just want to get a couple things out of the way.
Facebook ads are not like adwords ads.

People on facebook are in a very different mindset then people using google search.
facebook is a place for messing around — check in on some friends,
chat a bit, play mafia wars… post a photo etc…

Google users are searching for something. A particular something.
And are served your ad in response to that search.

So your ad is served to very targeted traffic that is in a buying mind set.
Not so with facebook.

Facebook users are not in a buying mood. So we cannot approach ads in the same way.
Got it?

How to make a facebook ad — Headlines explained.

K… you’ve got to remember that a simple “BUY ME!”
type headline is not going to work nearly as well as it is on adwords.
When i say “buy me” i mean the idea of if a user is searching for Widgets on google my ad headline is Get Your Widgets Here! Facebook users are not in the same buying mindset.

So we need to approach headlines a bit differently. Some of the same strategies still do work as they do on adwords. But the buy me approach isn’t one.

Questions kill it.
Short questions that are easily answered. You want the ad viewer to instantly answer the question in their head – almost subconsciously.

If you’ve targeted your ad recipients well and asked a relevant question then the person will answer the question and you’ll have drawn them in.

Sometimes it can be as simple as…
Widgets? or
Need Widgets?
Got Widgets?

Even though it seems almost the same as the “buy me” text the psychology behind a command and a question is very different. Facebook users by far respond better to questions.
Don’t believe me ? Test it for yourself.
But Let me say it now… I Told Ya So!

Other headlines can be effective too. But keep em short.
Short and simple works.

Think about your reaction to facebook ads you see…
Recently I saw an ad that said…. well actually i’m just going to show you…

facebook ad

Social Campaigns is Here!

So What?
My first thought was so what.
Why do i care. Plus the picture wasn’t great. — but we’ll get to pictures in the next section.
Really the only reason i noticed the ad is because i was looking specifically at ads that would make good examples for this article.

Don’t make a so what headline. You probably won’t like the result.
Now the same company has another ad that i’ll show you below… and the headline is:
Own A Business? Win $1000

Much better! Asks a short relevant question…
And Since I do own a business they immediately got a yes.
I heard myself saying yes as i glanced over the ad – happend in almost a subconscious way.

Plus Win $1000 – now who doesn’t want to win $1000?
I was intrigued… enough to get me to click.
And this happened again while i was just looking for example ads.

Lesson is a compelling relevant headline can get you a click.
And if you get a subconscious yes… then you’re well on the way to getting a click
and you’ve already taken steps by getting the initial yes to closing the sale.

How to Make a Facebook Ad – How to choose the right picture

Your Picture is the 1st thing the facebook user is going to see!
This section probably should have been the first part of this article.

Why is you picture so important?
If it doesn’t grab the user’s attention they’ll never read your headline and they’ll never click on your ad. If your picture sucks then your ROI will suck.

And by if your picture sucks i mean if it fails to grab the user’s attention. It’s all about grabbing attention. Your picture alone probably won’t convince a user to click… usually it’s a combination of picture and headline that leads to the click. But sometimes it can get you the click. And it can certainly lose a click for you.

What’s in a picture?

There are several types of pictures that work well.

The old standby
If you’re in doubt, a woman 25-35 years old that is attractive — not supermodel attractive, but good looking works well.
Make sure she is doing something relevant to your product / ad copy.
Across the board this type of picture works well with men and women.

The Like Me
Select a picture that looks like your target audience.
If it looks like them they’ll relate to it more —
subconsciously like it more and are more likely to click.

Again make sure that what the picture shows is relevant to the ad.

A picture of yourself can work well if your promoting a service of your own.
Can also work if your associated with your product.
It’s worth testing. But if its not converting after some testing you need to try something else.
Because lets be honest… we’re not all super photogenic.

Don’t Make it look Too good!
You want to use a photo that looks like it could be posted on facebook…
like a personal photo. Might seem counter intuitive, but professional photos don’t convert as well.
It’s the casino theory. If you ever look on the wall of a casino you’ll see pictures of winner on the wall. You’ll see tons of average looking people winning small / average amounts of money.
But you never see super good looking people winning tons of cash.

Interesting no?
The casino wants the “they’re like me” affect. They look like me, i could see myself winning 2 grand. In fact, that could be me…

That’s the affect you want your picture to have.
You want it to be eye catching and you want your target audience to relate to it.

Check out this ad — decent picture and good headline.
Of course it could be better… The woman in the photo isn’t doing anything related to the service.
And it looks a bit too much like a stock photo.
But it’s not too bad as it goes.
You can do better!

There are a couple other tactics that -
can significantly increase how attention grabbing your photo is…
Tactics that have worked really really well for us and our clients.
But we can’t share all our ninja secrets can we?

Sign up for a consultation and we’re happy to work our magic for you!

How to Make a Facebook Ad – What to do with ad copy.
Honestly ad copy is probably not going to make your ad. It can tip the balance and get a click for you if someone is on the fence. But usually someone has decided to click or not to click by the time they’ve seen your picture and your headline.

Ad copy is best when kept short.
Use short sentences.

If you can include a compelling offer in your ad copy that can work well.
So give a short concise offer. ie.
Widgets 40% off!
or just
40% off –

Then follow it with some explanation of the offer.
and after a

Strong call to action
Get Yours Now!
Get Started Today!

Or something along those lines.

How to Make a Facebook Ad – squeeze page

Ok so you’ve gotten the click — now where do you send the traffic?
To a squeeze page.

If you have a sales funnel that’s converting well, the you’ll want to test sending the traffic there.
You’re going to want to test creating a custom landing tab on your facebook page and sending the traffic there.

The anatomy of a squeeze page is a whole other conversation.
And we can definitely help you out!

Here’s the link if you’d like us to do all this stuff for you…
Awesome Facebook Marketing

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