[Part 1] Email Marketing For Small Business: Why you need to start emailing

Why would you waste time sending emails to your customers?


It’s the best way to connect.

It’s the best way to provide value.

It’s the best way to be a part of your customer’s lives.

Oh and did I mention that email marketing typically has the BEST ROI
of any marketing method out there.  Bar none.

Well- done right it does.

Easy to get started… 

It’s pretty darn low cost to get started.
We’re only talking like 20 bucks a month.

Doesn’t take too much time to do.
And I’ll show you how to schedule it all.
So you get your emails for a month out of the way –  a good part of it is set it and forget it.

Course you’re going to be testing etc…
But once you get it dialed in  – you really can let it run mostly by itself.

Sound good?

Now there’s a whole lot to email marketing.  Do it wrong and you will wonder why you’re wasting your time sending emails to your customers.  But do it right – And not only will you build stronger relationships with your customers but you’ll be well on the way to making they your biggest fans – your tribe.

People who love you.  Your products and will practically beg to buy.

So what’s this whole email marketing thing about?

It’s about connecting on a personal level with your customer.

In the next blog post we’ll talk specifics – the basics of how to do it.

For now you have to know that your primary goal isn’t selling.
It’s to create value and connection.

Of course as a nice side effect – your customers will purchase :).
But don’t confuse the order of these goals.  If you do it will hurt your bottom line.

You may get some quick sales.  Lots of marketers go for the quick cash at the expense of the customer relationship.
It’s not a sustainable model.  It’s kinda a scorched earth type policy.  Get whatever I can quickly – maybe even coming close to duping the customer – and get out.

You’ll always be looking for new customers and LOSING old ones.

No.  It doesn’t work.  Not to BUILD a business.

So in order it’s

1. Connect
2. Give value
3. sell to your customer

Nick “send an email” Julia


Why would you want to listen to me?
Well the average open rate in 2012 was 20.1%
I’ll tell you want mine was in the next blog post…

I’m not average.


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